Learn Your A-B-C's
The first step in learning any language is to have mastery of the language's alphabet. The same hold true for Hebrew.

A simple and effective way to quickly memorize the Hebrew "alef-bet" is to put the alphabet to song.

Singing the alphabet is likely the way you first learned your English alphabet as a child. Putting the alphabet to melody is a simple "mnemonic" (memory help) to learn the alphabet by heart. The fact that you can likely still sing the alphabet song attests to the strength of this mnemonic. 

Visual / Audio Help in Learning the Hebrew Alphabet
Below you will find a video that will help you learn the Hebrew alphabet by putting the consonants of the Hebrew alphabet to song.  Simply listen to the song a few times and start singing along!

This will help you learn the sequential order of the Hebrew alphabet. Pay attention to the Hebrew characters as you watch and listen to the song.

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Helps
To learn Hebrew vocabulary and grammar quickly and easily, visit us on the web at Biblical Hebrew Made Easy! To see more works by author Blair Kasfeldt, visit his website, Boost Your Memory!
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