A Rose By Any Other Name...
"It all sounds the same! " shouted the frustrated seminarians sitting in Hebrew 101.

One pastor-hopeful raised his hand and said, "Professor, I've used the same mnemonic for this Hebrew word,like, five times!"

While another student grumbled, "I'll never get this — I just can't remember these words. They all sound the same!"

All to which the Hebrew professor replied in a sweeping statement, "Go over them again until you know them. It's the only way. Hebrew vocab quiz tomorrow — know these words."

There is a Better Way to Learn Hebrew Vocabulary!

In this one-of-a-kind vocabulary guide, I will show you how to overcome Hebrew words that sound-alike, called "homophones."  Drilling them into your short-term memory via rote memorization is a poor way to learn — it takes longer and simply isn't effective in the long-run.

Watch and Share this Video on Hebrew Homophones!

This 3-part video will help explain how to memorize "sound-alike" Hebrew words. Share this video on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and with your fellow seminarians and Hebrew professors!

More Biblical Hebrew Memory Helps!
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