Biblical Hebrew Independent Personal Pronouns
Similar to English, Hebrew independent personal pronouns (IPP) are written as separate forms when used as the subject.  When the Hebrew personal pronoun functions as the object, it appears as a suffix attached to the noun, verb or preposition. 

This article will deal with the independent personal pronoun as the subject.

Predictable Patterns for the Hebrew Independent Personal Pronoun
Anything that has logical and predictable patterns is easier for the memory to recall. Looking at the chart for the Hebrew IPP, lets see what predictable patterns we find:
  • ALL first and second forms, singular and plural, begin with the א
  • ALL third person forms, singular and plural, begin with ה

Mnemonics to Remember Independent Personal Pronouns
Continuing to look for consistent patterns, we find the following memory helps:
  • The plural masculine form always takes the mem (מ,ם). This is easy to remember — just recall that "male" starts with the phonetic Hebrew equivalent of mem !
  • The plural feminine form always takes the nun (נ,ן). How to remember? Just recall that the Hebrew nun sounds like the English word, "nun." As you know "nuns" are always feminine!
  • To recall that ALL first and second forms, singular and plural, begin with the א, simply remember that the first letter in English is "a" just as א is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
  • To recall that ALL third person forms, singular and plural, begin with ה, simply think of "3-H"!

Advanced Memory Helps to Recall the Hebrew Independent Personal Pronouns
Outlined in my book, Biblical Hebrew Made Easy! The Triad System (and included in The Complete System), is a complete mnemonic method for imprinting the IPPs onto your memory. By creating "icons" for the IPPs and placing them on  "locations" you can easily recall all the IPPs by use of  The Triad System. To learn more about the Triad System click here.

More Biblical Hebrew Memory Helps!
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