Hebrew Action — The Qal Perfect
This is the form verbs are listed in a lexicon, in the Qal perfect third masculine singular.  The Qal "designates the simple active stem of the verb." (Kelly, 80)

Some Verbs Workout, Others Not So Much — Strong and Weak Verbs
Hebrew verbs are either "strong" or "weak."  To keep the identification simple, remember that strong verbs have three consonants. A sure signal that a Hebrew verb is weak is to remember is that weak verbs contain a guttural as one of its three consonants. 

Qal Perfect Suffixes

Basic Memorization Tips for Memorizing the Qal Perfect Suffixes

In my book, The Triad System (also contained in the Complete System), I give you the tools you need to visualize these suffixes to memorize them quickly.

Let's look at some basic helps to get you started in memorizing this paradigm:
  • Note that the tav  dominates this paradigm. It is present in all 2 singular and plural forms.
  • Note that in the plural forms, the segol  is present in both the masculine and feminine forms.
  • Note that the final mem follows the tav in the 2mp (think, "mem equals man") and the final nun in the 2fp (thin, "nuns are female").
  • Look at the visual chart below to help memorize the vowel pointing for the singular form:

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